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Different people are penalized for coming from other towns to deliver food to their partners or ask their parents for money

21 2020 April - 20: 09

During Sunday and Monday, the National Police and the Local Police of Dénia sanctioned 69 people for breach of the decree of state of alarm.

Among them, the excuses that indicate a possible relaxation in the face of the health crisis of some neighbors are repeated. Going out to smoke, stretch your legs, walk for a while, take a breath ... Or meet an acquaintance, it is not enough of an excuse to break the restrictions and the safety distance, and for this reason it has translated these days into sanctions for this people.

Not only that, but the rogues who supposedly go to buy from the supermarket, also do it on Sundays, although their doors are not waiting for them open. Similarly, there have been repeated cases of people moving to see their family, friends and partners, on two occasions even from other locations for reasons as few as delivering food, leaving tools or asking for money.

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