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Sánchez announces that on May 11 we will enter Phase 1 of de-escalation and the new normality would arrive in June

28 2020 April - 19: 52

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has appeared this afternoon before the media to announce what the de-escalation of confinement in Spain will be like. This will be asymmetric and phased. "We are going to start the journey without an accurate GPS, because it does not exist"Sánchez announced. Each province will evolve in phase and, therefore, will achieve greater freedoms, depending on whether they meet certain requirements that will be evaluated biweekly.

Thus, every fortnight it will be valued by zones if the phase advances to the new normality. They are 4 phases. Phase 0 begins May 2 with the limitations and freedoms that we already know (permission to walk with the same people from home, do one person's sport and walks with minors that have already started). Phase 1 would reach almost all provinces equally on May 11where according to this first announcement there would be freedom of intraprovincial displacement but not to visit residences of friends or family, The bar terraces may open with limitations, as well as small shops with a capacity limited to 30% of their capacity.

Phase 2 and Phase 3 will have even fewer restrictions and could allow visits to family and friends, as well as use the restaurant interiors with capacity limitations and always at the table or attend the cinema with capacity limitations in Phase 2, and opening of 50% leisure and restaurant premises in Phase 3. However, detailed information will be shared in the coming days.

In June the new normal will arrive

These phases will last a minimum of 15 days, as we have said, and will affect each province asymmetrically depending on its evolution, which will be evaluated every fortnight by the Ministry of Health.

According to Sánchez, the new normal could be reached in at least 6 weeks and at most, they hope, in 8 weeks. That is to say, at the beginning of June some province could be (everything indicates that, more specifically, an island) in this new scenario of normality if the fortnightly objectives are met. Of course, being asymmetric, it could be the case that the province of Alicante is in the new normal and that of Valencia in previous phases, which would prevent us from being able to move freely to those territories with which we do not share freedoms.

"There will be no closed calendar, it will advance according to how the control of the epidemic advances", Sanchez affirmed, reason why it has insisted on following the rules of mobility to get inch by inch the relief of restrictions. "What we have achieved is enormous but we can lose it if we do not take care of it among everyone".

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