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Sánchez announces that from July the entry of foreign tourism to Spain will resume

May 23 from 2020 - 15: 58

As every week, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, appears electronically to communicate the new measures of the de-escalation phase.

The president has advanced that from the month of July "The entry of foreign tourism to Spain will resume, for which the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism is developing protocols regarding the safety that we have to provide in the health field" and added that it is still in a health emergency, "The hardest has passed, the most difficult has been left behind, but it is essential not to relax. We should not act with fear, but we must act with prudence."

Looking ahead to the summer for Spaniards, Sánchez has indicated that in July there may be a summer program, inviting citizens to spend their holidays in national destinations, "I encourage this summer to take advantage of the great advantages that our country has in the tourist field."

  1. Marcel August says:

    Foreign tourists will prefer to wear their masks at home. On a plane with a mask, that's really a vacation atmosphere. Tourism is dead, and that is the fault of the incompetent reaction of governments. In Germany there are strong voices for a committee of inquiry into this manufactured crisis.

  2. Juan Perez says:

    But is this guy stupid or do we think we are? Tourists will come if they want. As if I had the key, now I won't let you in, now I will. Summer is not preparing in July. Foreign tourists and Spaniards who do not have a home in Denia will come this year for a few days. At the end of the summer we will comment it ok?

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