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Sánchez says he will request a new extension of the state of alarm this next week

May 02 from 2020 - 15: 32

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has appeared again, and is already the eighth since the State of Alarm was announced, to report on the situation of the health crisis and the new measures that have been worked on by the Government.

Sánchez has started the appearance affirming that the proposed objectives are being met, "the disease is being controlled and the alarm state is working", but still, "The State of Alarm is still necessary and on Wednesday we will request another extension. Lowering our guard now would be even worse than giving up five weeks ago", has added.

The Prime Minister has stated that starting Monday, May 4, when Phase 0 of the de-escalation begins, "It will be mandatory to use masks on public transport and bars and restaurants may open not only for home deliveries, but so that we can collect orders on the premises". Also, Sánchez has indicated that "shops and workshops may serve one customer per worker and by appointment."

Regarding the phase change in each Community, Sánchez has stated that there will be a bilateral negotiation with each community to move from one phase to another.

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