San Juan in Dénia: bonfires on the beaches and other festive events

15 June 2020 - 11: 44

The beginning of summer is marked by the celebration of San Juan. In the beaches from Dénia (and from many other towns in the region and in the Valencian Community), thousands of people gather around bonfires made in the sand. This is how the arrival of the new season is celebrated.

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When and where is celebrated

The day of San Juan is June 24, so the magical night in which the beaches fill up is the night before, the night of the 23. You can find bonfires along many kilometers of beach in Dénia, you just have to get closer to the part of the coast that you prefer.


There are many traditions and rituals for the Nit de Joan Center. Among them, jump the fire from the bonfire and get your feet wet With the waves when midnight comes to make wishes

Festivities in the hermitage of Sant Joan

The festivity of San Juan is widely celebrated in the hermitage in honor of the saint, in the Natural Park Montgó. Every year, the festival committee organizes a program of traditional events between June 20 and 24, which bring together revelers, friends and neighbors in the area in the hermitage.

The events usually begin on June 20 and during all those days there is a pilgrimage, popular lunches and dinners and a party at night, in addition to
religious acts.

Other data

Until a few years ago they were planted in Dénia Fogueres of Sant Joan (Bonfires of San Juan), as is the case in Alicante and other municipalities in the province. These monuments were much less numerous than the Fallas and they also tended to be smaller and more spectacular. They were burned on the night of June 24. But this tradition has been disappearing and now the bonfire festivities continue to gather but the monuments have been relegated to something anecdotal.


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