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Said Day was the winner of the Cursa I Solidarity against cancer of El Verger

January 22 from 2015 - 00: 01

Said athlete Day, based in Dénia was the winner of the Cursa I Solidarity against cancer of the Verger. A test in which participants were 1.300 distributed in the categories of runners and walkers. So it should mean that the big winners were each collaborating with a fully joint initiative.

Said Day in El Verger

Said Day was the first athlete to cross the finish line with a record of 21 31 minutes and seconds. The second place went to Víctor Pérez with a time of 21: 50. The third goal was in reach, David Ruiz with a mark of 21: 59.

The first was Gema Ibáñez women with a time of 27: 23, followed by Almudena Sánchez with a mark of 28: 09 and third fye set for Christina Mallet whose registration was 28: 14.

The test had a totally level of 6.400 meters for runners and walkers 5.300 for travel. Good temperature contributed to the success of the test. The organization was conducted by the Association Pas Pas de El Verger who had the invaluable collaboration of the town council.

The ratings of each of the categories were.

Senior Women

Gema 1ª Ibáñez
2ª Christina Mallet
3ª Molly Woods

Senior male

Said 1º Day
2º David Ruiz
Kiko 3º Rios

Veteranas A

1ª Almudena Sánchez
Mila 2ª Ortega
3ª Eva Sánchez


1º Víctor Pérez
2º Fernando Ferrer
3º Michael Rudolph

Veteranas B

1ª Louise Ambler
Rosalie 2ª Ellingworth
3ª Beatríz Jimeno

Veterans B

1º Vicente Llopis
Juanjo 2º Fornes
3º Emili Pérez

Veteranas C

Nellie 1ª Goetheer
Hilda 2ª Costena
3ª Mª Dolores Vicente

veterans C

1º Andrés Villanueva
Ismael Ferreras 2º
3º Rob Devilee

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