Routines and training available on the Dénia Sports Center website

16 March 2020 - 13: 11

Centro Deportivo Dénia encourages its users to continue training from home. Since last Friday, the sports center managed by Aqualia has been forced to close to contain the expansion of the Covid-19. However, on its website users will find exercises to maintain muscle tone and not lose fitness. This interests you!

Far from the situation being an impediment to taking care of our health, Centro Deportivo Dénia makes available to users on its website www.centrodeportivodenia.com a series of training routines and guidelines that can be performed from home. You will find several exercises to do individually or in pairs, so as not to lose muscle tone. Regardless of the level, each user can adapt them to their physical form.

According to Carlos Balaguer, the sports coordinator of the Center, "HIIT (high intensity interval training) can be done perfectly from home and without any material, it consists of working exercises in short periods of time at a high intensity and alternating exercises that involve different muscle groups, with which we achieve a high calorie expenditure in a very short time and we will maintain a state of optimal training by training from home. ".

On the other hand, Susana Campos, the director of the center says that “It is advisable to always keep in mind that the objective is to improve and not lose physical shape. Individually, as a couple or as a family, regardless of your level and fitness, various options will be proposed so that you do not stand still. Remember that we are forced to close to keep our health safe and we must continue taking care of it from home. We must pay close attention to the execution of the exercise and, as far as possible, face them in front of a mirror. A session without technicians to correct us can be very helpful if it is done sensibly, taking care of the technique to the maximum and above all listening to the signals of your body so as not to injure yourself ”.

Workouts will be updated several times a week during the time that the center remains closed due to the situation caused by COVID-19. A section will also be enabled with routines to do with the little ones of the family, since the main objective of Aqualia is to increase sports practice, thus increasing the quality of life in the population.

Maite Marinelli, the coordinator of the Pilates Study of the Sports Center, tells us that “Children have a lot of energy and it has to be channeled. Playing sports is a good way to do it. In addition, it unites the family and serves as an example for the little ones to incorporate it into their lives in a natural way. If the habit is instilled from an early age, they will keep it throughout their lives as a daily action ”.

Finally, you can also find very low intensity routines for older people and that they can also do physical exercise at home. From Aqualia, they ask for maximum collaboration so that they are disseminated and reach this group so that they can also perform physical exercise without leaving home.

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