Rosa Pastor is proclaimed as the "Dancing Queen" of the Falla Oeste

February 03 from 2018 - 11: 13

The dreams are fulfilled, and that is something Rosa Pastor can attest to. On Friday night his birthday was fulfilled: to be proclaimed as a major faller of the West fails, a party that organized the commission to the rhythm of the songs of ABBA.

The presentation took place in a Mediterranean landscape, of white and blue houses, and was given by the falleras Verónica Alcalá and María Navarro, who presented, sang and were thrilled in equal parts throughout the night. To begin, the presenters summarized the essence of Rosa versioning one of the successes of ABBA.

Then the president of this exercise, Vicent Montaner, was called on stage and received the staff of the presidency from his sons. The components of the commission were occupying their seats in the following minutes and, with everyone ready, the show began.

To the rhythm of the song Dancing Queen, again versioned by the presenters, Rosa Pastor was called to the stage, with a standing audience that applauded and danced the output of the major faller.

Rosa received from her predecessor, Laura Rubio, the band that accredits her as a major faller, a moment that both Laura and its president, Javi Jiménez, took the opportunity to bid farewell to the commission after a year of many successes for the failure.

In the turn of pleitesías Rosa received the love of their child charges, Celia and Aitor, who celebrate their presentation this Sunday; the president of the Falla Oeste Association, Javier Tadeo Senén; the representative of the Comissió de Festes de la Mare de Déu, Paco Arnau; Councilman parties, Óscar Mengual; and the major faller of Dénia, Melani Ivars. The representatives of the Prado de Gandia fault were also added to the pleitosías.

Expecting, Rosa waited from his throne of fallera mayor the most magical moment of the night, his exaltation. The ones in charge were her cousins, María Jesús and Inma Pastor, who shared with the audience the excitement of seeing Rosa proclaimed as the biggest faller of the West.

Finally the charges were taken. Vicent thanked the committee for the hard work they are doing this year, at the 70 anniversary of the failure. He also had words of affection for his family and especially for his companions in this adventure. Rosa, on the other hand, was especially moved when she remembered her son, who immersed him in the world of failures.

The presentation of Rosa Pastor as major faller marked the start of a great weekend for the West fault, which will culminate this Sunday, with the presentation of Celia Llorens and Aitor Taverner as child charges for the commission for this exercise.

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