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Rosa María Ahuir and Miguel Ivars receive their hallmarks as Exemplary Falleros 2020

February 24 from 2020 - 09: 48

During the night of last Saturday, when it is less than a month to start the festivities, the gala dinner of the Fallas from Dénia. Representatives of all the commissions participated in it, as well as the positions of the Local Fallera Board and the City Council.

Before dinner, rewards were given to the most veteran falleros. However, the main act was the delivery of the badges to the Exemplary Falleros of 2020: Rosa María Ahuir Morales (from the Falla Saladar) and Miguel Ivars Cardona (from the Falla Baix la Mar).

Rosa María Ahuir highlighted her strength and her commitment to the party, which her daughters have inherited, serving as an example for them and for the rest of the Fallas participants, as their position says.

In the case of Miguel Ivars, they highlighted their interest in each of the fundamental pieces in the failures, as well as their artistic and innovative spirit that constantly brings breakthrough ideas that make the party evolve.

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