The Rocío Pilgrimage in Dénia: when is it, activities and images

11 October 2021 - 10: 00

La Casa de Andalucía de Dénia constitutes one of the most active organizations in the municipality. Every year, the Andalusian community of Diane meets in numerous festivals and celebrations. One of the most important festivities that brings together a multitude of local residents is the Romería del Rocío.

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When is?

The Pilgrimage in honor of the Virgen del Rocío is celebrated In the month of June, specifically the Sunday following the Corpus Christi festival. To take advantage of the celebration, the Andalusians from Diane organize a weekend full of activities. In this way, those people who venerate the Virgin can experience in Dénia a few days of passion and celebration typical of their land.

Activities and celebrations

The activities for the celebration of the Pilgrimage usually begin the previous Friday. From that day on the events begin, usually with performances and dances, which start an intense and emotional weekend.

Save the Virgin and Pilgrimage

On Saturday and Sunday the most important events take place and representative. In this way, Saturday is usually carried out the pilgrimage, when the pilgrims bring out the image of the Virgin in front of the House of Andalusia.

Minutes before starting the tour, next to the surroundings of the entity, pilgrims and the general public gather accompanied by carriages, carts and riders with their horses. Once assembled, the choir sings a salve to the image and doves are released. Then dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people they go through several streets of Dénia.

On the last day, Sunday, highlights the imposition of medals to the new pilgrims, the mass in honor of the Virgin and the Rociero baptism. A set of acts and traditions that put an end to the Pilgrimage in Dénia.


One of the most striking things about the Romería del Rocio in Dénia is the typical clothing what the participants are wearing. In this way, the short dresses and hats or gowns and flamenco dresses fill with color and joy the passage that the Pilgrimage follows.


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