Distribution of points in a brilliant CFS Mar Dénia match

January 18 from 2021 - 10: 17

Second game of the year and second consecutive outing for CFS Mar Dénia, who on this occasion traveled to Santa Coloma de Gramanet (Barcelona) to face the subsidiary set of Industrias Santa Coloma, a team of young players with great talent, who at some point case they have already debuted with the first team in the first division.

From the opening whistle, the local team imposed a very high pace and the chances were immediate. Mar Dénia maintained a good field positioning and tried to get control of the ball. In minute 4 it was 1-0, after a good attack, Roque stopped in the first instance but the rebound fell on the legs of the local player Novo, who marked and opened the scoring. Both teams remained faithful to their style and goal situations followed one another in both goals, although the scoreboard would no longer move in the first half.

The second part was more of the same. The local team, despite the great physical wear of the first part, maintained a strong rhythm and forced Mar Dénia to a hard effort. Good chances were generated, but the scoreboard was still immovable, partly thanks to the good performance of both goalkeepers.

With four minutes remaining, the Dianense coach, Javi Arnau, risked and put the goalkeeper player on the court in search of the equalizer. He managed to change the dynamics of the game and, although he did not score in a move of 5, he did so in the absence of 2 minutes Curro after a rapid counterattack after a throw-in, which managed to deceive the goalkeeper and he was stirring from the ground. In his attempt to steal the ball, he introduced it into his own goal scoring the 1-1 with which he reached the end of the game.

Great match and fair prize for a CFS Mar Dénia against a tough rival who made them give the best of themselves and a strong physical demand.

Next week, CFS Mar will already play in Dénia, where it will host CN Sabadell, leader of the category, on Saturday 23/01/2021 at 18.00:XNUMX p.m.

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