Repair your skin after summer Ozonoterapia Therapy Center in Las Rotas

15 September 2015 - 16: 00

This fall Therapy Center Las Rotas It offers you an exclusive offer in Ozonoterapia, so you regain your skin after exposure to sunlight.

For only € 60 you can enjoy numerous benefits of ozone therapy. The entire treatment lasts 3 weeks and includes: body oil, feeling and mask.

This is the time to protect your skin, because with this technique you will improve blood circulation, you reequilibrarás water levels in the body and will reduce wrinkles. In addition this innovative treatment eliminates free radicals and toxins, helps eliminate cellulite and stretch marks, purifies the skin, and even burns up calories 600. It is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating.

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And of course, enjoy the Therapy Center Las Rotas their health and beauty services available throughout the year, because you can relax thanks to the spa, and massages; but also protect your skin with the most sophisticated techniques and oriental Japanese.


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