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REMA (Rehabilitation Marina Alta) and the insurer AGRUPACIÓ collaborate to better face the problems of their patients

18 October 2019 - 10: 29

The objective of the agreement between REMA (Marina Alta Rehabilitation) and Agrupació is to establish a collaboration to face together the current challenges in physiotherapy and rehabilitation of patients.

The REMA Rehabilitation and Cardiology Center, and the insurer AGRUPACIÓ - Assurances du Crédit Mutuel, have signed a collaboration framework agreement with the objective of opening communication channels and carrying out joint actions to advance the rehabilitation of this insurer's patients through sessions of physiotherapy

The framework agreement, signed by the founder of the REMA clinic, Juan Olivert and by Juan José González, Sales Manager in the Delegation of Dénia, arises from the need to face up to face the problems of patients after surgeries or injuries in the joints, and they need to be treated by physiotherapists specialized in rehabilitation. This agreement will allow to face, in a more adequate and complete way, the current projects for the development and professional growth of the two institutions and their doctors and specialists.

Agrupació was founded in 1902 to respond to a situation of lack of social protection. The requirement of the large group is maximum, and that is why it always offers the highest quality to its customers with its insurance and service solutions. He currently has the professionalism and dedication of more than 420 employees, more than 700 business advisors and insurance mediators with more than 40.000 health professionals and medical reference centers.

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