Reduce stress with a hands-on workshop at Om Life Dénia

03 October 2019 - 08: 41

The first lesson we have to learn is that our way of seeing life is what creates stress for us. It is difficult to assimilate but yes, external circumstances are not primarily responsible for our stress, but our way of managing them. To combat it, you need to change the way you see life, that is, you need a personal transformation. And for that, Om Life Dénia Organize a workshop from October. Are you interested

The objectives of this anti-stress workshop are to understand why some situations cause us discomfort, get to enjoy a more balanced life and better overcome difficult times. It is a practical workshop, with a small group of 6 people, in which they will talk about the stressful situations of each one.

Program to learn how to get rid of stress

Balance your life with these contents that will be taught in the Om Life Dénia workshop:

  • How to breathe properly and the importance of breathing to calm the mind
  • How perception works: you will learn to analyze how we interpret information that comes from abroad
  • Make the unconscious conscious: you will understand that the unconscious is the root of stress
  • Analysis of stress scenarios: you will perform stress situation analysis, to learn to overcome them
  • Mindfulness: you will try to adopt this habit

  • The price of the workshop is 50 €, 10 € must be paid in advance to reserve the place. Its duration is 5 hours, and it will be held at the Om Massage center, on Sertorio street number 9.
    In Om Life Dénia they help you find physical and mental balance. They have for you certified classes in Aeroyoga, Aeromeditation, Hathayoga, Mindfulness and healing massages.

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