Recover immune balance with microimmunotherapy at Clínica Doctora Flores de Apodaca

May 14 from 2020 - 09: 00

Throughout this confinement, much has been said about the importance of the immune system and how important it is to strengthen our defenses and protect the body against infections. We are already immersed in the return to the "new normal", but after so long it is normal to have a little fear of a possible contagion of coronavirus or a simple cold. So in Doctor Flores de Apodaca Clinic They explain how to strengthen your immune system, recovering its balance with microimmunotherapy.

What is microimmunotherapy

Microimmunotherapy aims to promote an optimal immune response, for which it uses immunomodulatory substances, such as cytokines, in low doses, which makes it a treatment generally well tolerated by the body. Microimmunotherapy can be taken over a long period of time and is compatible with other therapies. In no case does it substitute the use of other treatments, so under no circumstances should they be interrupted without first consulting your doctor. At the Flores de Apodaca Clinic you can complement microimmunotherapy with bioregenerative therapies. Aging well goes through "rejuvenation" at the cellular level based on a healthier lifestyle. A good regenerative program allows enormous improvements in the appearance and well-being of our body.

Dr. Flores de Apodaca, head of the Flores de Apodaca Clinic and expert in Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine, member of the Spanish Association of Microimmunotherapy and the Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy, offers you complete advice on this type of therapy , in order to prescribe the appropriate treatment. Call 663 274 378 and ask for your appointment. They are at Calle Patricio Ferrándiz 86, local 2.

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