Poetry recital “Cantos del alma”, by Teresa Juan López

Event Date: 22th September 2022
Event type: Theater
Site: Social Center
Schedule: 20: 00
Home: €8 adults and €5 minors
Event finished

The Auditori Theater of the Social Center of Dénia hosts the recital of poetry, music, dance and video poetry Cantos del alma, by Teresa Juan López. It will be on Thursday, September 22 at 20:00 p.m.

The author Teresa Juan López premieres her second poetic work, soul songs (Algorfa publishing house), and takes it to the stage on September 22 at the Dénia Auditorium Theater at 20:00 p.m. In this new work she pays homage to feminine energy through poetry, dance, music and video poetry.

In the words of the author, «it is a vision that extols the learning of women as mothers of the earth, as eyelashes that travel and love, and are loved, learn to live in solitude, who feel or are capable of converting their pain in light."

soul songs invites the union between different artistic genres, proposing the viewer to participate in a journey of sensations. «The verse gains movement when the eyes are closed, and it is heard. When words reverberate and images are made. They are the words behind the words. The images that reside in the background of each verse”, affirms Teresa Juan López. «As I proposed in my previous work Poems of the five, which also became a show, the poems of soul songs They have been conceived as an opportunity to connect with our creative capacity. They are a plea to inspiration. To a poetry that comes to life and even goes beyond the book itself.

The book "Cantos del alma/Soul Songs" is accompanied by an audiobook set to music and voiced in the studio by the author herself. The video poems have been recorded and directed by the author, where she also dances. soul songs It will also have a show in English on October 12 on the same stage of the Auditorium Theater of Dénia.

Tickets can be purchased online at this link or at the box office the same day, starting at 19:00 p.m.

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