They carry out a simulation of fire in the Hospital of Dénia

January 11 from 2018 - 11: 39

The kitchen and the Data Processing Center of the Hospital de Dénia they have been the scene of a fire simulation framed in the Self-protection plan of the Dénia Health Department, which includes periodic actions of this type both in the hospital and in the health centers of the health network of the Marina Alta. The objective is the correct operation of the plan in case of real emergency to guarantee the safety of patients, users, professionals and infrastructures.

This time the simulation has counted on the collaboration of the county firemen and the local police. It has also involved professionals from the areas of work involved and the annexed areas, which have had to be evacuated. The extinguishers have also been tested, the sectorization of the building and the entire protocol of action reviewed. These actions allow to work the skills and to know the response times.

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