The Camí de Sant Joan reopens to traffic

August 10 from 2020 - 12: 15

The City Council has announced the reopening of the Camí de Sant Joan once the works to improve pedestrian accessibility have been completed in the section between Avenida Joan Fuster and Calle Aurora Boreal.

In these works that have lasted just a few months, the sidewalks (which have gained 1,2 m in width) and the tree pits have been widened. The project has also included improvements in the rainwater network and public lighting, with the replacement of the old light points with LEDs; the renewal of horizontal and vertical signage; and the installation of urban furniture.

Some works that have been financed by the Alicante Provincial Council, which have had a budget of € 112.000

  1. Carmen Gomez Lorenzo says:

    Good morning:
    I have to point out something, that we honestly did NOT expect.

    In the first place, why have the missing trees NOT been planted?

    Secondly, it has been requested in writing, on numerous occasions, that when a new work is done on any street in Denia, they put BIKE LANES.
    And what is our surprise, to see that it has NOT BEEN INSTALLED.
    Please, could the people in charge of this project explain to us where the electric chairs will go, that every day they are needed more and there are more, bicycles and scooters, some professionals, which are used to enter and leave work in the urban area and of the students of Carmelitas and the New Institute?

    They are fixed, even widened the sidewalks, great, congratulations, congratulations
    But what do we do now with this large group, which could be much larger if the bike lane had been built?

    We propose and REQUEST, CLOSE or CUT that section of street AGAIN and leave that job properly completed, please.

    And DO NOT forget, we have been saying it for a long time:
    We do NOT ask for it in the whole town and all its areas, only where it is being done NEW WORK = BIKE LANE

    Thank you very much

    a greeting

  2. Carmen Gomez Lorenzo says:

    Good morning:
    Please could you tell me
    Why is my comment not published?
    I have published it several times and it does not appear.

    I await answer
    Thank you

  3. Kiri says:

    Thanks for a good job and also pretty fast. Sorry for the inconvenience, I want to ask a question, if the new wooden chairs placed on this street, if these chairs are not going to cause problems for pedestrians in the wheelchair? In my opinion it will cause the difficulty. I think it will be a good idea to take advantage of the chairs to be able to sit in front of the sea, if sometimes when you want to sit down and you have only concrete, especially in cold seasons. Okay, it's just an opinion, if anyone is interested.

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