What will the weather be like in Dénia during the Fallas weekend?

16 March 2023 - 09: 31

Good news for falleros and falleras. The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has predicted that the weather in Denia during the Fallas 2023 will be quite nice. According to the forecast, temperatures will oscillate between 10 and 20 degrees throughout the weekend, which will allow you to enjoy the festivities with an ideal temperature.

On Friday, the sky will be gray and overcast throughout the day, but luckily no precipitation is expected. On Saturday and Sunday, the sun will be seen a little more, although there will be some clouds. But then again, the probability of rain is practically nil.

In addition, the fallas artists can rest easy because strong winds are not expected, something that is usually a headache for commissions during the Fallas.

In summary, the weather during the Fallas 2023 in Dénia will be quite pleasant, with ideal temperatures to enjoy the festivities and without rain or strong winds that could affect the Fallas monuments.

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