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"Let the reserves not go down": options to donate blood during confinement

06 2020 April - 09: 57

The confinement we have undergone to face the COVID-19 pandemic, and which is gradually giving results, has not only made us give up leisure options and, in many cases, our working life, but Furthermore, solidarity routines are very compromised, even if they have been replaced by other samples.

Blood banks are one of these most compromised places, whose lack of new donations threatens to drop their reserves. The truth is that it seems almost impossible to be able to gather people to make a blood donation. However, this will be done next Saturday 11 at the Evangelical Baptist Church on Calle Patricio Ferrándiz. Now how?

The essential requirement to be able to participate in the action is to request a prior appointment in order to organize donations in turns. It is the only way to achieve participation by meeting the demands of the state of alarm. For this, the organization requires that this appointment be requested by means of a message on WhatsApp at the phone 682923990, with the name and surname of the donor and his phone number.

Also on Tuesday the 7th, a blood donation was called at the Plaza Jaume I health center in the afternoon.

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