What is early intervention?

06 March 2015 - 00: 00


Early learning, early stimulation or early intervention is a group of techniques for developing the skills and abilities of children in early childhood.

It is the group of special educational techniques used in children between birth and six years of life to correct actual or potential developmental disorders, or to promote compensatory abilities. Interventions globally contemplate the child and programs are developed taking into account both the individual and the family and social environment surrounding it.

Early learning programs help children in their development. They provide appropriate measures to improve, as far as possible the maturational levels in different areas activities. And also help parents and the whole family to be able to relate to the child in the best way possible, help them to fit the new situation and provide them with the necessary support to educate your child.
Parents must give much love, care and need to be recognized and valued both within their families and within society support.

The ultimate goal is getting the child acquires the progressive stages of development of the most appropriate and correct as possible, with minimum delay in relation to the progress made by children without difficulties. All this to the extent of the possibilities of the child and his family.

In addition, early stimulation aims to normalize the patterns of life, helps to awaken interest in life events, and aims to promote the autonomy of the subject and achieve an acceptable socio-educational level.
Work has to be fun for the child, following the rhythms that mark him, and having faith in its possibilities.

Who is it directed the Early Stimulation (ET)?

Early Stimulation Program, are ideal for both children with and without problems. In both cases, they provide appropriate activities in order to improve, as far as possible, their maturational levels in different areas.

ET has a preventive aspect because it avoids potential problems or try to slow the progressive deterioration in levels of development, preventing children show changes in various aspects of development (pequesmagicos solutions SL)

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Early stimulation

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