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Purobeach Dénia reopens its doors on June 19

11 June 2020 - 10: 21

The second season of Purobeach Dénia begins with the arrival of summer. Purobeach Dénia consolidates this year with the experiences of the Purobeach brand such as the brunch, the sunset and yoga. Summer is already felt and proof of this is the opening of Purobeach Dénia on June 19. After a period of uncertainty, the Mediterranean coast will once again be peppered with the happiness and spirituality offered by the Purobeach centers, Oasis del Mar, in which to escape from the difficulties of everyday life enjoying the purest Mediterranean spirit, in which We also find a marked culture of well-being.

The managers of Purobeach Dénia did not want to rush, and it is now that they have a strict safety and hygiene protocol that ensures the well-being of customers and the team, when they open their doors respecting security measures, but without being affected its famous Pure Experience, reason why their clients choose them.

In the Mediterranean we know how to appreciate the magical places and the Purobeach centers, with their strategically chosen locations that coexist with the environment in a respectful way, they are chosen to live moments that remain in the memory, such as a wonderful sunset on a sandy beach Dorada and dunes or a yoga class when the day begins after enjoying a swim in the sea or in the pool. And it is that, entering these centers is when we understand why they are called Oasis del Mar. They are places where you can enjoy endless services in a unique environment, with the best care and just a few minutes from our home .

Puro Experience

Imagine starting your day in a pool overlooking the Mediterranean, surrounded by hammocks and white cotton umbrellas, and then, for example, enjoying your M3 gastronomic experience, which consists of the combination of the culinary styles of three cities, as beautiful as they are different. : Miami, Melbourne and Marrakech. Without neglecting our products, such as rice. Or maybe you prefer to enjoy some of their treatments spa and massages or simply delight in the scenery while having, together with your friends in a Balinese bed, one of their famous cocktails. They are all some of the so-called Pure Experience, which are within the reach of anyone who wants to enjoy an unforgettable day.

Thus, Purobeach returns with its own experiences of the brand, such as its special gastronomic offer for the morning, activities wellness to balance body and mind or celebrate the last moment of the day observing a unique sunset.

On June 19 Purobeach Dénia will reopen its doors and will allow us one more year to enjoy a complete and unique experience for the five senses in a privileged setting, the Alicante coast between Gandía and Jávea.

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