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PSPV and Compromís commit to execute 50 new projects before the end of the year

May 30 from 2018 - 13: 25

The Dénia government team, made up of PSPV and Compromís, will be three years at the helm of the City Council, and taking advantage of that event, has announced the launching of some fifty projects that were not included in the Pacto del Castillo and that they intend to execute before the December 31 of 2018.

This announcement has been made in the course of the traditional lunch to take stock of the time in the government, which took place this Wednesday morning at the Hotel Nou Romà in Dénia.

Mayor, Vicent Grimalt, and the Deputy Mayor, Rafa Carrió, have explained that these are Plan Trust projects, of which half are already being executed; historical demands of the neighbors; proposals for participatory budgeting and things "small but necessary that the neighbors demand in the participatory mechanisms".

Projects to be executed in the next seven months

  • Improvement of the fish market area (2018 Budgets)
  • Municipal Plan of asphalting (Plan Confianza)
  • Rehabilitation of the old fish market (Plan Confianza)
  • Asphalted rest road of the cemetery (Subsidy of the Diputación de Alicante)
  • Accessibility Cami de la Bota (2018 Budgets)
  • Improvement of the facade of the House of Culture (2018 Budgets)
  • City Hall Elevator (2018 Budgets)
  • Lift Toy Museum (2018 Budgets)
  • Baix la Mar Library Lift (2018 Budgets)
  • Roundabout Joan Fuster avenue with Pintor Llorens (2018 Budgets)
  • Library House street Sant Josep (Ministry Grant)
  • Change of lawn of El Rodat field (2018 Budgets)
  • Improvement of the athletics track (2018 Budgets)
  • Renovation of sidewalks in streets Sagunto, Colón, Quevedo and Avda Alicante (2018 Budgets)
  • Change of lights in Torrecremada (2018 Budgets)
  • Redevelopment of La Mar Street (Plan Confianza)
  • Sandunga street redevelopment (Plan Confianza)
  • San Francisco street redevelopment (Plan Confianza)
  • Redevelopment Plaza Archiduque Carlos (Plan Confianza)
  • Redevelopment Fontanella Street (Subsidy Diputación de Alicante)
  • Extension bus station (2018 Budgets)
  • Reurbanization of Colón Street (Plan Confianza)
  • Banks and litter bins Avenida Alicante (Participatory budgets)
  • Montgó scientific station (Participatory Budgets)
  • Rehabilitation Llunàtics room (2018 Budgets)
  • Market services reform (2018 Budgets)
  • Bosc de Diana Improvements (2018 Budgets)
  • Works to improve the residence (2018 Budgets)
  • Improvements of the Cervantes school (Plan Edificant)
  • School improvements The Vessanes (Plan Edificant)
  • Biosaludable area in Baix la Mar-Darrere (participatory budgets)
  • Bio-healthy area in the neighborhood La Faroleta-Diana (participatory budgets)
  • Park Street Workout and Calisthenics in Las Marinas (Participatory Budgets)
  • Asphalting of the Badía Road and Ion Street (participatory budgets)
  • Asphalted Paseo del Saladar (participatory budgets)
  • Start-up of the Mediterranean Gastronomy Center UA
  • Transfer EOI to the 3º institute (Department of Education)
  • Round traffic lights Joan Fuster with Diana (Plan Confianza)
  • Works improvement Pou de la Muntanya (Plan Edificant)
  • Renovation of sidewalks Les Roques (Participatory Budgets)
  • Boiler and solar panels Joan Fuster pavilion (Trust Plan)
  • Improvement of lighting Av. Joan Fuster (Plan Confianza)
  • Municipal paved plan (Participatory budgets)
  • Conditioning of the narrowing of the Camí Alt Dénia-Xàbia (2018 Budgets)
  • Conditioning pedestrian itinerary area Carmelitas school (2018 Budgets)
  • Coverage of Regatxo de las Marinas, phase I (2018 budgets)
  • Rampa improves accessibility Municipal Cemetery (Investments)
  • Change windows of the Joan Fuster pavilion (Investments 2018 budgets)
  • Old Trinquet suitability (Investments 2018 budgets)
  • New municipal website www.denia.es (Management)

State of the Pact of the Castle

Both parties have reaffirmed "the good health of the state of the pact of the Castle" and "high degree of compliance with the roadmap that we set in June 2015".

Of the objectives set at that time, 55 of them have already been met; 18 are running and 21 are pending. Further, Last year, they added another ten points to comply with 2017 and 2019.. Of these new points, 4 have been met, five are underway and only one remains pending, which is the creation of a green area in the back of the Hotel Costa Blanca.

In addition to the pending projects and the new ones committed, the government team has recalled that there are others that will begin to be executed but will not be finalized before the end of the legislature. In this sense they referred to the rehabilitation of the Verger Alt del Castillo; the schools of La Xara and Raquel Payá; the drafting of the Castle's Master Plan; the adequacy of the Llebeig school auditorium; or the transfer of the children's classroom from El Rodat to the Pou de la Muntanya school.

You can check here the current status of the points established in the Pact for the Governance and Democratic Regeneration of Dénia.

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  1. Fede says:

    They bet too strong. We will see that! We take note and we wait for December. Then we will talk again

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