Psicoalternativas techniques can help with the unconscious

May 25 from 2016 - 00: 00

Psicoalternativas is a psychological system directed by the psychologist Puri Piqueras that specializes in treating disorders related to stress and anxiety, through techniques that target the unconscious such as hypnosis, transgenerational, bioneuroemoción and regressive therapy.

Stress and anxiety can cause different symptoms, the most common being the obsessive thoughts, compulsions, phobias, fears, depression but also diseases and problems in personal relationships.

Wellness in Psicoalternativas

However these are only symptoms that hide deeper problems that may have been generated in previous stages but not only in our lives also that of our ancestors. When this happens they are repeated symptoms, family problems, difficulties in life and even diseases.

Finish with family repairs is essential to live a life free of transgenerational loads and solve problems of the nervous system that reacts to stress upon activation of such information.

psicoalternativas in your orenda center

For more information or queries do not hesitate to visit Psicoalternativas in C / Senija, nº 5 bajo. Dénia


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