The gastronomic UNESCO project will star in the IV Forum Arròs Banda

Event Date: 30 November 2016
Event type: Talk / conference
The venue : CDT Dénia
Opening times: From 9: 45 hours
Starters: Free
Event finished

A few days after one year of the declaration of Dénia as Creative City of Gastronomy of UNESCO, the IV Forum Arròs a Banda & A Banda de l'Arròs will address this regional achievement. Next Wednesday 30 of November, the CDT of Dénia will host the celebration of this forum that aims to value a dish as traditional and ours as rice a band.

The events begin at 9: 45 hours, with the presentation of this fourth edition. In the 10 morning, the first day roundtable will address the history of the project Dénia & Marina Alta Tasting Life from its origin to the award of distinction. In this table attended by the mayor, Vicent Grimalt, The president of AEHTMA, Cristina Sellés and other political and technical project responsible.

In the 11: 45 hours will be held the second round table. Under the title La Marina Alta, a laboratory for innovation and creativity: unique business experiences, The floor will be given to representatives of the Ajuntament de la Vall de Gallinera, Bodegas Xaló, Pego natura, AMMA SL, Restaurant Coqueria Pont Sec, Open Garden and Travel and Experiences.

Complementing the forum, from 13: 30 hours will be installed in the hall of a fair CDT product of the Marina Alta with the participation of producers and businesses in the region. Here you can enjoy tasting local products offered by the students of Kitchen and service CdT Dénia.

Gastronomic week

In order to promote and disseminate the original recipe arròs a banda, the 1 11 December to the IV Gastronomic Week will be held arròs a banda. During these days, restaurants BalandrosBenito, Bocafí, Ca Pepa Teresa, Ca Sendreta, The Marine, The raset, El Senyoret, El Tresmall, L'Estanyó, La Raconà, La Senia, Les Monges, Mediterrasian, Noguera, Octavio's, Pont Sec and Punta Negra will offer menus with this seafood dish served in the traditional way.

IV Fòrum Arròs Banda Dénia

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