Protect your hair this summer with the best quality products in Doré

20 June 2019 - 11: 01

Golden has a fantastic selection of products for the care of your hair and body this summer. As a signature star highlights Hair Professional Company, which has a protective serum, mask, shampoo and moisturizer for the body.

El protective serum For before and after the sun, it is formulated with active ingredients with anti-aging properties. Protect your hair from UV rays and external elements, while eliminating the split ends.

Su mask for hair has intense anti-aging action and prevents split ends. Combat the dryness of your hair produced by the sun and salt. Get a silky soft hair

El shampoo It is ideal for cleaning the body and hair after exposure to the sun. Eliminates salt and chlorine residues. Also anticipating the split ends and moisturizes the hair.

Su body lotion after sun with refreshing action is specially designed to apply after exposure to the sun, which is the time when the skin needs more hydration. Its strong moisturizing action also helps fight the signs of aging in the skin and its collagen makes it possible to act against free radicals and guarantees elasticity and hydration in your skin.

Visit Doré in Calle Patricio Ferrándiz, 1 and discover the ideal products for this summer.

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