Promotion in shuttered windows in Hermetic

06 July 2020 - 11: 14

Are you thinking of changing your windows? If you want them with blinds, Hermetic It offers you shutter registers that incorporate a new insulation on the cover with which the same winding capacity is preserved and the thermal insulation performance is improved. The shutter register serves to hide it inside and must be perfectly integrated into the design of the window. Ask now for the promotion!

At Hermética they always work with top quality products with professional assembly and advice: its windows come directly from the factory to your house, and with them you will save up to 60% on the energy bill. If you do not know which ones may be the best for your home, they will advise you.

What is the window with the perfect opening for your needs?

When changing the windows you should think about the type of opening, which is very important to optimize the well-being and energy consumed in our home. The windows with hinged closing (practicable or tilt-and-turn) are more hermetic than the sliding ones. But don't worry, at Hermética they help you decide.

And if this summer you want to be safe from mosquitoes, they also install mosquito nets adapted to your space and your needs. Consult them in person at Calle Ramón y Cajal, 16 A. They also attend you on the phone 608227585.

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