Forbidden to celebrate the Nit de Sant Joan on the beaches of Dénia

23 June 2020 - 00: 50

The Dénia Town Hall has agreed to close the beaches of the municipality and expressly prohibit access and use of them in the Nit de Sant Joan. These measures will be collected in a decree that will be signed in the coming days and that, specifically, establishes the prohibition of accessing the beaches of Dénia between 21:23 p.m. on June 7 until 24:XNUMX a.m. on June XNUMX.

The decision is endorsed by the departments involved, Beaches, Health and Citizen Protection, after pooling the risks of celebrating the Nit de Sant Joan, a festival that usually brings together thousands of people on the beaches of our coastline. In anticipation of this agglomeration of people and given the impossibility of avoiding practices related to the party that imply the non-compliance with the sanitary norms of the new normality towards which we are heading, the city council has decided to decree the prohibition of access and use of beaches .

To enforce these measures, the National Police and the Dénia Local Police have coordinated a reinforcement device made up of 5 National Police patrols and 5 other Local patrols, who will be present that night at the entrances to urban beaches, the more crowded during the party, and also in the rest of the coast.

With the aim of reaching the largest possible number of population, the measure will be disseminated on the social networks of the town hall and the Local Police and through a public address system in the streets, as was done during the confinement to remember the measures of the state of alarm.

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