Program failures. 18 day

18 March 2012 - 00: 00

07 hours.
official "Despertà" falleras in all districts.

08 hours.
"Despertà" child in the demarcations that organize.

09 hours.
"Arreplegà" Falleros by the respective women's commissions.

10 hours.
Fallas parade through the different demarcations.
Visit the Falleras Over Denia, courts of honor, Local Board Fallera and the councilman Festival failures winners and decorated streets.

14 hours.
"Mascletaes" in the demarcations that they organize.

16.45 hours
Concentration of all commissions in the Plaza del Consell.

17 hours
Second part of the tribute.
Tribute to the major falleras Center, Camp Roig, Paris Pedrera, Saladar, Diana and Port Rotes

20 hours.
Concert bands these days are in Dénia accompanying the different fallas.
Location: Calle La Vía

22 hours.
"Mascletà" in the area of ​​the station.

23 hours.
Verbenas in the different Fallas districts.

00 hours
Discomóvil: DJ. Retoret.
Location: Calle Dr. Fleming
Organizers: Falla Baix la Mar.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Will there be mascletà tonight at 22h? Or you will pass away like yesterday night?