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First positive for coronavirus at the Dénia Hospital

13 March 2020 - 10: 46

According to several sources from the Hospital to which we have had access, the first positive for coronavirus in Marina Alta is confirmed.

The Ministry has stated that they will only carry out the count by province, so it has not wanted to make any reference to the Dénia case, but according to several workers, one of these positives is that of the Marina Alta.

It would be an internist from the Hospital itself who spent a few days in Madrid and, after taking the test, it has confirmed its positive. According publishes the Levante-EMV newspaper, the internist has been confined to his home waiting for the result that arrived yesterday. Now, tests are being carried out on the rest of the workers who have been in contact with him.

Recommendations of the Ministry of Health to prevent coronavirus

If you think you have symptoms, stay home and call 900 300 555 so they can assess your situation.

Peace and solidarity are requested: the objective, always, is to avoid the collapse of health centers and protect the most vulnerable groups of people.

And, whenever possible, it is best to stay home.

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