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Presentation of the new sculpture by Toni Marí to raise awareness about the deterioration of the environment

25 June 2020 - 13: 21

This morning the mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, Director of Marina de Denia, Gabriel Martínez, the Governor of District 2203 of Rotary International, Arturo Alagón and the president of the Rotary Club of Dénia, Paqui Caparrós have inaugurated the sculpture, located at the entrance of the Marina and Tourist Port of Dénia.

"I would like to express the joy and gratitude for having this sculpture at home and within the reach of the eyes of our citizens and all who visit us"This is how Gabriel Martínez started the press conference. This piece, made by the sculptor Toni Marí, is a sunfish that measures 3 by 2,5 meters and that aims to raise awareness of the need to care for the environment. "I want to thank everyone who has made this project possible, which I believe has been placed in the perfect place", said Toni Marí.

For his part, Paqui Caparrós thanked Marina de Dénia for giving up the space to locate the initiative of the Rotary Club of Dénia, "That began with the idea of ​​transmitting, educating and raising awareness about the environment". This year, the Rotary Club of Dénia has included among its projects awareness of the deterioration of the environment that is occurring worldwide and, especially, that of the seas due to pollution, mainly by plastics. This fish-shaped sculpture by the sea serves to remind us that they are there and we must respect and protect the place where they live and enjoy.

The mayor of Dénia thanked the Rotary Club for the work they do and also Urbaser Dénia for the service they perform. "I personally like the sculpture and it has been placed in a place that unites two very important ecosystems for Dénia, the beach and the sea and near the sculpture by Joan Castejón. From here I would like to appeal to people to realize that it is essential to respect the environment since it could be even worse than the virus we have now ”, Vicent Grimalt has concluded.

  1. Carol says:

    The problem with these large ships in towns and small ports is that they destroy the seabed, POSIDONIA in this case, apart from avoiding the passage of whales and dolphins, etc. because there is little depth.

    In addition to dirtying the beaches, where the dead posidonia goes, in DENIA, for example ...

    Besides, these boats, with SMOKE NOISE and BAD ODOR, which make them unbearable ...
    It does not evolve at all in this regard.

    Not only do they transport travelers, but they transport all kinds of vehicles, cars, vans, trucks, trailers, etc.

    They are more suitable for provincial capitals.

    Length in Km:

    Denia: 20 km of coastline
    Mallorca: 100 x 70 km
    Menorca 53 × 20 km
    Ibiza: measures 40 × 15 km
    Formentera: 20x 2 km

    Based on these measures, don't you think it's time to protect our islands, not allowing vehicles to be transported and to be rented on the islands and their number is limited?

    With boats, without excess speed, to allow you to enjoy the trip and without destroying the marine fauna, they should also be smaller and ONLY carry PASSENGERS and few 100/200 maximum.

    These are so big, that they carry more than a thousand people ... some ... should not leave Denia, nor small towns ..., it is not necessary at all, all kinds of transport are already in use in provincial capitals: Valencia, etc.


    There are two kinds of TOURISM:

    Tourism that leaves a FOOTPRINT and one that DOES NOT LEAVE A FOOTPRINT.

    They go on vacation, they enjoy the environment, they take care of it and they leave.
    They do not buy houses that they then leave empty, destroying NATURE, of the islands and such special places, or move with their vehicles on boats, they are rented there and that's it.

    PUBLIC ELECTRIC BOATS, without VEHICLE load, without NOISE, without SMOKE, without BAD ODORS.

    And that its inhabitants work to live, not to be participants in the destruction of the environment, buying these houses that are then empty.




  2. Carmen Gómez Lorenzo or Carol says:

    Dear fellow citizens,

    How can you have so much hypocrisy and say that this grotesque has been done in order to raise awareness about the environment ... if it has been installed on top of the rock, by force, damaging it, in the middle of an image to the totally virgin nature, in a public space, the first EIGHT meters from the sea, which must be untouchable, not respecting the most basic, in terms of the environment.

    Is there no culture at all or is there too much daring?

    They have no idea what art is, where it has to be installed and respect for passers-by and the environment.

    They are clearly photographed there, in front of the “grotesque”, as it has to be called, as saying: we support this and even though we are the only ones, from here this does not move…

    Walk a few meters higher and you will see what is respected to us ... the railing of the ramp lying on the ground ..., for months and months ... they have used the money from the DEPURADORA, which is very important, to fix the coast and gentlemen Look how everything is ... if you are blind, if it is at night, if you get confused looking at the phone, etc. the blow, if you count it, will be absolute rest, for months ...

    It is the price that we have had to pay, so that the POSIDONIA DEAD, which comes to the beaches, for the transit of the Balearia ships and of equivalent size, which, having so little depth, cut the POSIDONIA VIVA, which brings so many benefits , green, and alive, which is located under the sea.
    That later, when September arrives, they will leave again, that DEAD posidonia accumulates, on the beach, for months, without mercy, nor respect and that will serve to say that it prevents the waves and the sea from entering ... but friends, against the There is no one who can sea and who then takes it all out and costs us a paston to leave it clean and the rest, sidewalks, road, trees, plants, etc. destroyed by machinery, which has to be removed if or if.

    Misery ... money ... power ... too many interests, to take the bull by the horns and finish once and for all, with so much daring, both words and deeds ...

    That is the protection of the environment that they want to remind us of, with that grimness in the middle of a dreamy place and views of the sea.

    Balearia only has to travel with travelers and small boats and ELECTRICAL.
    Cleaning must be done with small, smoke-free, noise-free and handy electrical machinery, bringing it up to date…

    Cleaning, respecting Denia, wherever you go, Rotas, Marinas, Montgo, urban area, downtown area, etc. daily, fixing the streets, planting trees, stopping strangling trees, pine forests, green areas, etc. to build, increasingly taller buildings, with huge cranes that do not stop, to invade us with empty houses and rob us of these areas that should be green or residential, so as not to destroy the environment.

    Please ENOUGH !!!

    They do not want to deceive the citizens, so that an architect becomes public and famous, who consents that his art, is put in a place, that VISUALLY damages and opening the rock, the ENVIRONMENT.

    Because there are no longer such wonderful places that have to be protected by law, by the coasts and by the MONTGO NATURAL PARK, do it as a CITIZEN, that they do not try to deceive you ...


    That was the price that had to be paid, so that this port could be made and they have not even managed to respect and day after day they commit greater daring, destroying everything, wanting to leave it to their whim, NOT RESPECTING THE ENVIRONMENT, NOR THE CITIZEN.

    Let's finish with so much daring: ENOUGH NOW !!!



    Claim the European Union for constant INSPECTIONS and for the consequences of earthworks to be valued, in a place that should be 100% PROTECTED.

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