Roc Chabás Ciutat de Dénia 2023 research award: who can participate and what they will value

06 2023 April - 14: 01

The municipal Archive has made public, through its publication in the Official Gazette of the Province of Alicante, the bases for the 'Roc Chabàs Ciudad de Dénia' research award for 2023.

In the biennial award, works on historical, environmental, social, artistic, linguistic, economic, ethnographic or urban themes, among others, can be presented, always linked to the field of regional study.

Interested persons must submit a work project online on the Dénia City Council page or in person at the Dénia Archive (Calle de Enric Valor, s/n) between April 6 and May 15, 2023. At the The proposal must include the title of the project, the reason for the request and a structural report of the work.

The winning person will receive a prize of 4.000 euros, divided into two payments: one of 800 euros and another of 3.200, and will publish their work in co-edition between the City Council and Publications of the University of Valencia (PUV).

The works must have a minimum length of 100 pages and a maximum of 250, in addition to being written in Times New Roman 12 in a DIN A4 format. The jury will take into account:

  • Curriculum of the person (20%).
  • Interest and originality of the study (30%).
  • Adequacy of the sources and the proposed bibliography (10%).
  • Drafting and presentation of the project report (40%).
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