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Dénia Hospital is awarded for its good blood management dedicated to transfusions

23 March 2018 - 12: 47

The management that from the Hospital de Dénia is made of blood dedicated to transfusions has been awarded in the first edition of the MAPBM-Vifor Awards, an award they have shared with the Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí de Sabadell and the University Clinical Hospital of Valladolid.

This week in Madrid has held the annual meeting of hospitals Maturity Assessment Model in Patient Blood Management (MABPM). The event was attended by the directors and clinical leaders of the participating hospitals in this evaluation model. All Spanish hospitals currently adhering to the project, a total of 35, have opted for the awards.

Risks of unnecessary blood transfusions

The transfusion of unnecessary or avoidable blood is frequent and has an important repercussion in the clinical evolution of the patient. In fact, the transfused patients have a worse postoperative evolution and higher mortality. For this reason, the World Health Organization (WHO) promotes from 2010 the development of multidisciplinary programs, known generically as Patient Blood Management whose objective is to improve the clinical evolution of the patient without transfusing more blood bags than strictly necessary.

To achieve this, in our country, the 2014 is in MAPBM project (Maturity Assessment Model in Patient Blood Management) with the objective of providing hospitals with tools and protocols to achieve it.

The expert's opinion

Ana Abad, specialist in Hematology and Hemotherapy, responsible for the Transfusion Service and clinical leader of the MAPBM Program at the Hospital de Dénia, member of the same from 2015, commented that, "This model has allowed us to reduce the transfusion rate in the selected procedures in a safe and efficient way, which results in better patient care. Our hospital aspires to be a bloodless medicine unit achieving excellence in transfusion practice and this project is a determining tool for achieving this objective ".

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