PP and Compromís come together in Dénia to demand the restoration of the dunes, the destruction of which they label as "lack of respect for the natural environment"

February 26 from 2021 - 11: 24

After the events that occurred a little over a year ago in which backhoes were used to clean a dune area in Playa del raset and that they destroyed all the dunes and flora existing at that time, and in view of the fact that the government team has not taken any steps to restore their original state, the Popular Party and Compromís They have presented a joint motion in which they request the restitution of said dune area and the initiation of a protection file on that area to prevent these events from happening again.

The truth is that the landscape at the entrance to Punta del Raset beach has not returned to what it was. After the aforementioned works, the place was left without its characteristic vegetation that, by mistake, coexisted with a large amount of dirt. A year later, the image of that site is very different, with hardly any trace of plant life despite the existing policies to protect this type of ecosystem.

Now PP and Compromís join forces with a motion that was presented urgently last Wednesday for debate in the plenary session held yesterday, but which the government team relegated to be debated in the next commission, since, according to the popular, "They don't see that there is so much urgency in the matter after all the time that this area has been like this".

  1. Ignacio says:

    It is that not even as an environmental issue, let's look at it as from an aesthetic issue. It is third world.

    • Antonia says:

      It's true. People were going to take the photos of the wedding book or read in the shade of the trees and now it is a depressing wasteland ... fortunately the city council voted unanimously to recover the dunes and trees that were there before the excavators passed. Let's see if they give us back the oasis that the bulldozers destroyed!