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Portal de la Marina raffles each month a shopping cart valued at 150 euros

14 July 2020 - 10: 44

The mall Portal de la Marina, owned by Lar España Real Estate Socimi and managed by Grupo Lar through Gentalia, has launched a promotion during July, August and September consisting of raffling each month a shopping cart with Carrefour products, valued at € 150.

They will be eligible for the prize by uploading a photo of their purchase tickets, equal to or greater than € 50 (cumulative ticket) to the website https://www.portaldelamarina.org/sorteo-carro-compra from where the participants will be collected. Once the drawings are made, the winner will be contacted from the shopping center to indicate how to redeem the prize.

"We know that these are difficult times for family economies and that such an award can be a great joy for the winners"said Virginia Carrasco, director of Portal de la Marina. "It is our way of telling people that we are very happy to be back and that we want to reward their fidelity and trust"adds the director of the leisure center.

This initiative joins the numerous actions that are being carried out from Portal de la Marina to return to normality, such as the weekly raffles of the Club of the Disfrutones, the opening of movie theaters or the collection of masks that are given away for purchases in the mall.

And new initiatives are planned to help both families and local providers and workers of the center, as well as its stores and restaurants. In this regard, Portal de la Marina highlights that today there are 600 people who work directly in the center and more than 100 local companies that provide different services.

"Our intention is to return as soon as possible to a situation that is close to normal so that we can continue offering advantages to our clients and continue collaborating, as we have always done, with different solidarity initiatives that help us to have a more cohesive and equal society and region"Virgina Carrasco points out.

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