Portal de la Marina will host the 8º Montbuil Subbuteo Tournament

Start date: June 21, 2019
Finish date: June 22, 2019
Event type: Other events
Site: Navy Portal
Opening times: It is explained below
Starters: Free
Event finished

The mall Portal de la Marina, managed by Gentalia and belonging to Lar España Real Estate Socimi organized together with Marina Citerior Subbuteo Club the eighth edition of the tournament Montgol. This is the first time that the shopping center becomes the headquarters of this well-known soccer tournament.

During the weekend of 21 22 and June, the corridors of the shopping center prepare to host the first tournament of subbuteo. Eight tables prepared with mat, goals and players will set the stage for the competition, which will be divided into two categories, one for professionals and one for beginners.

El MontGoal Subbuteo Demo Fun: will gather the beginning players from the 17h on Friday 21 in June. In this category there will be two-player matches that will have to pass five skill tests: Penalties, shootouts, far passes, shots with barriers and passes with obstacles. Registration is free and does not require prior experience.

El MontGoal Subbuteo Open Pro: will be reserved for professionals. The tournament will start at 17 on Saturday 22 in June and players must submit their federation code. In this category it is important to keep in mind that there is a deadline to sign up that will expire the 18 of June and a number of registrations of up to 24 players.


The winners of both categories will enjoy different prizes according to their final position:

Demo Fun Awards:

  • 1 º Night at Los Angeles Hotel
  • 2 º Seafood in the restaurant Mena
  • 3 º Boat tour.

Open Pro Awards:

  • 1 º Gift card Portal of the Marina valued at 500 €
  • 2 º Gift card Portal of the Marina valued at 300 €
  • 3 º Gift card Portal of the Marina valued at 100 €

The inscriptions can be made through the Portal Information Point of the Marina, on the center's telephone and through the email subbuteo.marina@gmail.com. Carlos Fita, director of the shopping center, has stated that "We wanted to do something new and such a tournament seemed like a good idea. That way we can help make this game and its professionals known".

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