February 22 from 2021 - 12: 02

The mall Portal de la Marina presents the mask that the artist Patricia Bolinches has created exclusively for them, and that customers can get from February 22 to March 21, 2021 for your purchases.

And it is that, to take this exclusive mask of limited edition of 200 unitsCustomers must be members of the mall's loyalty club, Club de los Disfrutones. In addition, they will have to present a ticket or sum of tickets for a value equal to or greater than € 60 at the Information Point, including tickets from the hypermarket.

This mask by the artist Patricia Bolinches @laboli is the second edition of limited collection masks designed by local artists for the Portal de la Marina “Mescareta” initiative. An action that the shopping center will carry out during, at least, the first 6 months of the year and in which each month an artist will be in charge of creating a design.

According to Virginia Carrasco, director of the center “With the arrival of February we wanted the mask to have a theme according to Valentine's Day, possibly the most important day of the month. However, this design will last until March, something that Patricia knew how to capture perfectly. That is why this mask goes beyond the myth of Valentine's own romantic love. This mask talks about loving yourself, loving whoever you want and, above all, loving well. A very positive message that we love to be able to convey and that Patricia has captured in a beautiful design. We are very grateful".

Portal de la Marina, safe shopping center

Portal de la Marina is a totally safe shopping center thanks to the strict measures taken in terms of hygiene, disinfection and capacity control since its reopening on June 1, 2020, after the health crisis caused by COVID-19. These initiatives and work carried out with the aim of ensuring the health of its customers, employees and suppliers have been recognized by the SGS quality certificate, an external endorsement and pioneer in the sector of the retail which guarantees that the center complies with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of this disease.

Of course, all events and special actions will have such measures and extra reinforcement to ensure that all security protocols are met and that public visits to the shopping center are carried out within a framework of satisfactory security and trust.

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