Portal de la Marina launches Solidarity Kilometers

November 06 from 2020 - 11: 48

The mall Portal de la Marina launches the challenge "Solidarity Kilometers", an action with the aim of painting a planetarium in the pediatric area of ​​the Hospital de Dénia. To achieve this, it will try to add 10.000 kilometers in the application Strava among all the people who join this challenge during the next two months.

To participate, each athlete must record their kilometers traveled in the specific challenge "Run to the stars" that the shopping center has created within the application Strava. In this way, every kilometer counts to make the mural possible. The action begins on November 6 and ends on January 6, 2021, coinciding with the day of the Three Kings. During that period, the challenge will remain active within the application.

With this initiative, the shopping center intends to obtain the necessary sum to paint the planetarium in the Hospital and thus give the children's area a more pleasant appearance. Under the slogan "Let's run together and we will reach the stars" they will communicate the challenge to the public of the Marina Alta.

In the words of the Director of the center, Virginia Carrasco: “From Portal de la Marina we try to contribute our grain of sand to any type of solidarity initiative or, as in this case, to promote our own. This has a very special value for us as it is an action dedicated to little ones who deserve all the support we can offer. We know that a more pleasant environment helps make your visit to the hospital more bearable, so we are looking forward to seeing the planetarium painted ”.

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