Portal de la Marina changes its advertising for messages of hope

February 25 from 2021 - 11: 15

"Ho tornarem a fer" is the motto with which the shopping center Portal de la Marina encourages us from the streets of the Marina Alta. Neither offers, nor raffles, nor promotions, nor models, nor photographs. Simply simple gestures: a touch, a greeting, a walk holding hands.

It is the advertising campaign that from today is present in the streets and the media of the Marina Alta. It is the initiative of Portal de la Marina, which has decided to dedicate its investment and its means to contribute a little hope and illusion before the (hopefully) near return to normality.

Virgina Carrasco, director of Portal de la Marina, tells us that “We, like all brands, must have gestures with society. We have been doing it with aid to the most needy, with opportunities for artists, with support for charitable causes, with extra investment for local suppliers and we thought we could also do it by turning our advertising into another element of illusion in the midst of so much sadness . That is why we decided to dedicate our outdoor advertising to remember those gestures that we miss so much. And from there, and given the good reception, we thought about taking that message to the rest of the media: radio, press and social networks. "

The campaign, created by the local agency Sapristi, will be present for a few weeks in the streets of the region and in the main media in the area.

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