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26 September 2019 - 09: 32

A dog groomer is much more than aesthetic. If you don't know how important a professional haircut is for your dog or your cat, Santi Mas, from Santi Mas-Pet Services, explains it to you. They have been cutting hair and making dogs and cats handsome for more than 25 for years. So they have enormous experience in giving beauty and health to animals.

What does a dog groomer bring you that you can't do for your pet?

Canine hairdressers are not only to take care of the aesthetics of the dog or cat, but they fulfill a hygienic function. Not only do they cut and comb their hair, but during that process, they review any details that may indicate something about their state of health. That is, a professional dog groomer unites beauty and health. In addition, they value the best way to cut the hair of the dog or cat: with a machine or with scissors, depending on various factors. That is why it is so advisable that these jobs are carried out by a qualified person. In fact, it is very common that there are also hairdressers in veterinary clinics.

Why should I bathe my dog ​​in a dog grooming salon?

The bathroom is not only a toilet, but it also includes a lot of care and much needed: during the bath, the ears are also cleaned, the nails are cut and the genital, anal and perianal areas are shaved and emptied. Again, when performing these steps, the professional is attentive to the messages that the dog or cat's skin throws: it can talk a lot about the health status of your pet.

If you have an animal at home, you not only have to attend to their basic food and minimum hygiene care, but you have to take into account other needs and go further: they require more in-depth care to be completely healthy. Does it hurt to see you careless? Don't worry, in Santi Mas - Pet services can help you. It is your responsibility, because they depend on you. Surely you are sensitive to their problems. And in addition to the peace of mind of knowing that they are handsome and clean, saves time and effort: a dog groomer guarantees you complete hygiene and prevents you from having to clean your bathroom and organize everything.

In Santi Mas-Pet Services you will find dog grooming for all races, dermatological baths, scissor cuts, machine cuts and trimming. In addition, they have food, accessories and veterinary consultation. Find the best prices on antiparasitic products for dogs and cats. They are in Federico García Lorca Street, next to the courts. If you want to know more, call them at 96 642 1907.

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