Policlinico San Carlos went out to raise awareness of the dangers of snuff

02 June 2016 - 17: 57

This Tuesday 31 of May celebrated the World Day without tobacco and Policlinico San Carlos moved in the street fields, In order to make the Dianans aware of the seriousness of this insane custom.

Private nurses in center turned over 150 inform people about the consequences of smoking, both the young audience was especially interested; and the more mature, which also was surprised to see the havoc that produces snuff if radiological images of a smoker and a nonsmoker are compared.

San Carlos professionals also explain that a special interest was observed in measured blood oxygen saturation within passersby older.

So, once again, Policlinico San Carlos It was concerned citizens, this time, to raise awareness about this bad habit that can cause death.

World Tobacco Day Policlinico San Carlos

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