Glorieta Polyclinic prioritizes your safety against COVID-19

January 22 from 2021 - 09: 52

Roundabout Polyclinic is fighting COVID-19 and has put all his energy into fighting the virus and protecting his patients. Health today is paramount and the highest priority of humanity. In the recently inaugurated building, there are facilities adapted to the maximum health security, as has been confirmed by public health.

More than 20 professionals and medical specialties are today at the service of the patient, facilities with maximum security measures, with an air renewal system and with parking with all the protocols of security measures and of course, with places for the disabled and with ample places available to all patients.

In Glorieta Polyclinic all coronavirus detection tests are carried out.

They are in Madrigueres Sud 9 and they answer you on the phone 96 643 54 37.

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