Playa Els Molins

Les Marines Road, km. 5,4 See map

With an extension of 2,7 km, Els Molins beach begins at km 5,4 of the road to Marines. It is far from the urban core, which together with its large extension, makes it a little crowded beach. Els Molins beach has the Blue Flag award that certifies the quality of its waters and its services.

Watchtower Playa Els Molins

Among the services offered by this beach are the walkways, bins and footbaths; Housekeeping; lifeguard managed by Red Cross; high chair surveillance; policing; beaconing safety for swimmers; channel input / output for boats (Espign Punta Molins and C / Taimir); games (volleyball, mini football, children); kiosk (C / Oceà Atlàntic); beds and shades (C / Oceà Atlàntic).

Activities Beach Els Molins

Beach Els Molins in Denia has sports facilities for all ages including networks for playing volleyball, soccer goal and activities for children are. It also has a kiosk and a place in the renting hammocks and shadows on the street access Oceà Atlàntic.

Surveillance Beach

As in the rest of beaches off the coast of Dénia, the surveillance of the Els Molins beach is carried out by the Red Cross. Specifically, on this beach they have installed two lifeguard posts, a watchtower and two raised chairs that allow a better view of the area by lifeguards.

Red Cross lifeguard Els Molins


  • Restaurant Cova del Mero
  • restaurant Estanyó
  • Restaurant Luna Park

Beach Hotels Els Molins


Parking on the beach Els Molins is relatively simple, since there are several access roads are also very spacious where you can park vehicles without major complications.

Around Els Molins beach there are no private parking.



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