Perfect legs with Body Shock at Castelblanque Aesthetic Clinic

03 March 2021 - 09: 31

Aesthetic Clinic Castelblanque proposes you to show off some legs of scandal: Body Shock is a star treatment to say goodbye to cellulite. And now is the best time to start it, because when you least realize it, summer will be here. Do not stay without an appointment before March 30 and take advantage of the promo.

The Body Shock treatment combines active ingredients based on your aesthetic needs: for example, it can enhance the reduction of fat cells, help reduce contour, firm and reshape the figure. At the Castelblanque Aesthetic Clinic they combine sessions with Cyclone and Mesotherapy to completely break with cellulite.

Make your appointment on the phone 96 642 15 49. They are in the Calle Marques de Campo 46, 4th floor door 9.

Contact Castelblanque Aesthetic Clinic

C / Marques de Campo, 46. 4º 9 floor door. Oficampos building. See map
96 642 15 49
609 29 00 44
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9: 30 to 15: 30h. Tuesday from 15 to 20: 30h
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