03 September 2020 - 08: 00

If you notice heaviness, hot legs, or bruise frequently, you may be experiencing the first symptoms of varicose veins. Cramps, inflammation, and even pain can also occur. Or maybe you have already detected varicose veins in your legs with the naked eye. polyclinic CUME helps you improve them with treatments that positively affect your blood circulation and are safe and effective.

Recommendations against varicose veins

If your work is in the office, it is very important that you do not cross your legs, that you move your feet if you are sitting for a long time and that you avoid high heels and tight clothing. When you get home, put them up to rest. If your job is standing up, wearing socks to have a light compression helps the veins not to dilate. It is very important for everyone not to smoke.

The most cutting-edge and reliable varicose vein treatments

  • La sclerosis It is one of the most effective and advanced techniques against varicose veins. It consists of injecting a substance that causes the varicose vein to harden and that little by little is reabsorbed by the body. At CUME Polyclinic they perform cryosclerosis and foam sclerosis.
  • La bioresonance improves your circulation, and is a complementary treatment that takes advantage of the electromagnetic waves that our body emits to promote self-healing.
  • La Mesotherapy stimulates lymphatic circulation, with long-lasting results in a single session.
  • El LPG It is a massage to mold your body and improve your circulation with a body draining effect.

If you want to know in depth what these treatments consist of and how they are carried out, consult CUME Polyclinic. They will answer your questions and clarify everything you need to know. You can contact them on the phone 965792324. They are in Xàbia, at Salvador Salvá 6, Bajo (Pasaje Avenida Amanecer, 37).

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