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They ask for a meeting with the Regional Minister Bonig

09 2013 April - 00: 00

Vicent GrimaltSpokesman spcialista in the municipality of Dénia, presented this week a letter to the Mayor of Dénia, Ana Kringe, Which asks you to urgently request a meeting with the Ministry with the participation of spokesmen for local groups to demand decreeing planning rules that should govern the planning of the city to the approval of the General Plan.

Grimalt recalled that almost three months ago that the City Council of Dénia asked the Ministry to decree these urban norms, but the great disagreements between the PP and the CU on this issue are paralyzing their approval.

Motion on policies against unemployment

El concejal socialista Paco Roselló infromó de que la próxima moción que presentarán los Socialists of Dénia It will be about the policies against unemployment. Roselló explained that the Consell of the Generalitat Valenciana published in the DOCN of 28 of March of 2013 the program of subsidies destined to the promotion of the occupation in the local scope framed in the Plan of Occupation Joint of the Valencian Public Administrations.

According to the Socialist councilor, one of the lines of action is to establish a program of incentives aimed at promoting the hiring of unemployed people by companies in the Valencian Community.

In the motion socialists Dénia want the City of Dénia ask to benefit from the Plan Occupancy when the Provincial Government adheres as a partner and equip itself with a budget of about 50.000 euros, making a loan modification reducing 10% of consignments of parties, protocol and governing bodies.

These euros 50.000 50.000 City Council would add EUR of the Generalitat and 50.000 euros of the council, for a total of 150.000 euros which would provide for the implementation of this plan in Dénia according to calculations made by the Socialists.

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