They ask for 7 years in prison for a man accused of sexually abusing a friend while she was sleeping

11 December 2020 - 13: 48

They judge a man accused of sexually abusing a friend, on March 15, 2019, in a house in Dénia.

The Prosecutor's Office maintains that the accused and the victim were sleeping in one of the beds in the house when, at around seven in the morning, the man took advantage of the fact that she was asleep to have sexual relations with the woman, who woke up during the abuse but was He was in a state of shock and I cannot react or make any movement.

The Prosecutor's Office asks the accused for a seven-year prison sentence for a crime of sexual abuse. The trial will take place next Monday, December 14.

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  1. VICENTETE says:

    It is a case similar to that of the husband of the psoe partner in the regional government, Miss Oltra.
    But this one with a minor without resources.
    What happens is that a leftist caste has a right of pernada over the citizens. Today this scoundrel roams the streets free in search of new and fresh meat. And his wife quiet as a door.