They ask for 4 years in prison for a man who stamped a crystal glass in the face of another in a Dianense nightclub

February 26 from 2021 - 16: 25

Next week will take place, in the Provincial Court, the trial against a man accused of breaking a glass in the face of another in Dénia.

The attack occurred around four thirty in the morning of August 24, 2018 in a nightclub in the Port of Dénia when the victim involuntarily bumped into the defendant. The man reacted very aggressively and smashed a large crystal goblet in his hand in his face.

The injured suffered a three-centimeter wound on his cheekbone, as well as multiple irregular cuts on his face, which took 70 days to heal.

The Prosecutor's Office asks for the accused a sentence of four years in prison for a crime of injuries.

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