They ask 11 years in prison to a man accused of raping and robbing a woman

05 June 2020 - 12: 31

The assault occurred on May 1, 2018 after the accused and victim met in a Calp pub, where they were drinking and taking cocaine with a group of friends. At dawn, both went to the victim's house, where they began to kiss and undressed.

According to the public prosecution, at that time, the woman told the defendant that she did not want to continue or have sex. The defendant failed to comply with this intention and sexually forced her twice.

The Prosecutor maintains that, before leaving the house, the man took a computer, a microphone and various wiring, valued at more than 700 euros.

The Public Ministry requests an XNUMX-year and two-month prison sentence for the accused for the crimes of sexual assault and robbery.

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