"Fish" three other poachers with a rifle in the Marine Reserve of Cap de Sant Antoni de Dénia

August 27 from 2022 - 12: 09

Last Friday the picture was repeated. The Dénia Coast Guard service located and intercepted three poachers as they left the waters of the Cap de Sant Antoni de Dénia Marine Reserve of Fishing Interest. This time, one of them tried to run away through the ravine where they were when he was surprised by the authorities.

Both the Local Police and the 112 and the Coast Guard received the alert from the residents of the area, who had seen the poachers entering the sea with all the underwater hunting equipment.

After identifying them, the Coast Guard informed them about the illegal practice they had carried out and confiscated the three fishing equipment with guns, wetsuits, knives and fins. In their fishing they had captured a sea bream that was finally donated to the "Extend your Hand" soup kitchen in Dénia.

  1. Jesus says:

    Poachers fishing in broad daylight and full of bathers, rather they are people who do not know the laws, the real poachers are the ones who drag the nets day in and day out through prohibited areas, those who have longlines and trammel nets every Saturday and Sunday of this summer on the coast of denia to feed the restaurants eager for tourism, but the balcony police and the authorities no longer arrive there, they look the other way, the press and journalism in this country is very serious, journalism from YouTube and social networks, little or no truthful research looking for the root of the problems, simply Spain.

  2. Fernando Gutierrez Restiga says:

    Three boys who catch a fish to eat go and fine them, because it is a private preserve for others to profit from, you can catch kilos and kilos to do business but you cannot catch fish to eat, they privatize the sea, wow, what a great intervention by the agents and the journalist who wrote the article also shines , if you buy the fish that is caught in that area it is fine , if you catch it then you are sneaky

  3. Carlos says:

    The truth…nothing, First, a reserve of fishing interest (private fishing reserve) in everyone's sea (public). Second... they have made a colossal ecological attack with a gilthead… yes, a gilthead. And third... well, there won't be much more important cases out there than three people fishing. This is how Spain goes…and in my opinion the crap of the press that we have.

    • vana pole says:

      Perhaps you are from another region or another country and do not know that in the CCVV and in Spain there are protected spaces to avoid attacks on their flora or fauna. What you see as so reprehensible here is called a marine reserve, not a private preserve.
      Those of us who are from Denia have seen fish, octopuses and sea urchins depleted of our coast to the point of exterminating them. It was made by people who did not understand nature and who did not see any problem for eating sea bream, sea urchins, and octopuses. Nor in selling them to the restaurants that participated in that process.
      If it had not been for this reserve, our coastline would be a desert.
      This is how the CCVV and Spain go… raising awareness among the younger generations and fining those who would like to live in that other Spain

  4. Louis says:

    But he was born in Jávea, then he went to live in Denia because the square meter of rock is too expensive in Jávea.

  5. a xabiero says:

    Let's see if for once, the media finds out that Cabo Sant Antonio is in Javea and not in Denia.